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The health, safety, and wellbeing of Adventure Southland staff, clients, and visitors is our top priority, whether you’re utilising our services on- or off-site.

Adventure Southland is proud to be a certified as an Adventure Activity Operator. We hold registration as an Adventure Activity Operator with WorkSafe (AAO309) and are safety audited by Qualworx. Qualworx’ professional auditing service has been making a positive contribution to the safety management of a wide range of businesses in the outdoors community since 2003. They are one of only two New Zealand companies accredited to certify JAS-ANZ standards of health and safety in Adventure Activity Regulations. 

We undergo regular safety audits which include review of our policies and procedures and an on-site evaluation of instructors and adventure activities. Our Adventure Activity certification shows that we have met the highest standard of safety in the adventure activities industry and remain compliant with relevant standards and legislation.

We want to ensure that clients and visitors have a sound understanding of the activities that they are booked to undertake. The table below identifies the key hazards and environmental hazards that exist within the activities operated by Adventure Southland. These are all managed through our comprehensive safety system, however it is appropriate for them to be identified in this manner. For more detailed information about hazards associated with an activity please contact Adventure Southand prior to booking.

Remember to get in touch with us if you have any further queries regarding a programme or the management of safety within a programme being undertaken.

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The ability to hit or collide with another object with force


The ability to hit the ground, or something below, with force

Moving Water

An environment with moving water through rivers, canyons, rapids or caves. Also includes ocean swell and tide. Creating an entrapment/injury or not allowing safe passage.

Deep Water

A hazard where the participant may not have the ability to stand in water with their feet on solid ground, meaning they require a level of swim competence to prevent harm.


The hazard caused by a participant becoming too cold or too hot due to the environment around them or the duration of the activity.


The additional complications added through not being near a vehicle, road or other support.


The hazard to participants using open fires, cookers and sharp utensils as part of camping activities.


The hazard may involve social or physical contact, group participation or not achieving the task.


The hazard presented by large quantities of snow sliding down a slope with ability to bury or injure people.


The hazard created by tsunami waves to persons near to a coastline or in vessel on the ocean. Will probably create loss of control of vessel or inability to swim safely.

Volcanic Activity

The hazard created through participants being near a volcanic or geothermal zone. Creating a toxic atmosphere with extreme heat and explosive gas pressure.

Extreme Weather

The hazard created by weather events. Includes storms, flooding, lightning, wind, and snow.

Land Slip

The hazard created by large quantities of earthen material sliding down a slope with ability to bury or injure a person.

Rock/Ice Fall

The hazard created by falling natural objects at a site and hitting or landing near participants.