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Why is Tramping Good for Mental Health?

why is tramping good for mental health, hiking, tramping, adventure southland, mental health

Picture this: You’re standing on top of a hill surrounded by untouched wilderness. You’ve navigated the final leg of your journey, and you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Beyond the physical challenges of the average nature walk in NZ, there can be some profound mental advantages you might not have anticipated. Not yet convinced to strap on your tramping boots? You might be after learning the many mental health benefits that might be in store for you. 

The Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is a benefit in itself, and you sure get in your daily steps when you tackle the Kepler Track, Milford Track, or any other trails and hikes in Southland. But did you know that exercise produces its own set of benefits?

Physical activity increases the release of endorphins in the body. These hormones are responsible for sending good feelings throughout your body. It’s no wonder that studies have found exercise can reduce anxiety and depression while enhancing mood and self-esteem simultaneously.

Whether you plan to tackle some of the great walks of NZ or head to your local walking track for an hour-long stroll, you can’t help but feel better for it. 

tramping for mental health, trmaping, hiking, adventure southland, mental health,

Strengthen Your Connection With Nature

Many of us are urban dwellers. We spend most of the working week surrounded by bricks and mortar. The further up New Zealand you travel into city centers, the more true this can be.

A loss of connection with nature can greatly affect our mental health. In fact, one study even found that people who spent 2+ hours outside had better emotional well-being than people who didn’t.

Set time aside in your busy schedule for nature. Tackle one of the signed trails at Sandy Point Domain or venture outside the area to embark on a multi-day tramp, like the Routeburn Track. A stronger connection with nature might be all it takes to start feeling at your best.

Social Opportunities

Any outdoor expert would always recommend tramping with a friend. New Zealand wilderness can be tricky to navigate, even if you consider yourself an expert. As a result, tramping can be an ideal option for anyone looking to make new friends and enjoy new social opportunities. We are fortunate here in Southland to have access to a wide range of walking and tramping clubs – any of which might provide the social connections you’ve been looking for. 

tramping for mental health, adventure southland, mental health, tramping

Tramping might be the last thing you think of to provide mental health benefits. However, there’s more to this adventure activity than meets the eye. Whether you plan to head out into the wilderness for a one-day trip or multiple days, you’re bound to enjoy some of these mental health benefits above.


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