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Have You Inspected Your Fall Arrest Gear?

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Can you remember the last time you carried out a fall arrest system inspection? Have you ever inspected your fall arrest gear? If not, there’s no better time than now.

A fall arrest system consists of a harness, anchorage point, and lanyard. It’s designed for one user at a time and can act as a safety system for those working at heights, during recreational activities, in confined spaces, and other challenging environments.

New Zealand legislations dictate that those who use fall arrest systems must inspect and test them periodically. Whatever your line of work, it’s a good idea to contact an expert team who can perform external inspections and even provide a recording system.

What Does a Fall Arrest Gear Inspection Involve?

The inspection process of fall arrest gear involves checking harnesses, lanyards, safety lines, and slings for imperfections, wear and tear, and damage. When experts pick those things up, the gear owner can make an informed decision about its replacement. 

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Stitching & Webbing

During the inspection process, the stitching and webbing are looked at in great detail. The inspector is looking for cut, pulled, burned, or broken stitches and damage caused by heat, chemicals, corrosives, and general use. 

Rope Lanyards

An inspector will look out for broken strands within the rope lanyards. They often do this by twisting the rope slightly to view the braiding. Rope lanyards with broken strands should be replaced. 

Metal Components – D-Rings, Hooks

Even the metal components require inspection. The inspector looks for wear, cracks, and sharp edges. They also make sure rollers roll freely and have no distortions. 

Fall Arrest Gear Inspection Companies

Given the importance of fall arrest gear to work at its best, it’s crucial to contact a company that can manage the inspection process and does so to a high standard. 

Adventure Southland can carry out external inspections of harnesses, lanyards, slings, safety lines, confined space equipment, roof safety gear, and rescue equipment. They can also offer recording systems, so everyone knows the last inspection date and when inspections should occur. 

If you require fall arrest gear inspection or further information on working at heights, contact the friendly team at Adventure Southland. 


If it’s time to bring in the experts, get in touch today!

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