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Have You Inspected Your Fall Arrest Gear?

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Have You Inspected Your Fall Arrest Gear? Can you remember the last time you carried out a fall arrest system inspection? Have you ever inspected your fall arrest gear? If not, there’s no better time than now. A fall arrest system consists of a harness, anchorage point, and lanyard. It’s designed for one user at […]

Gutter Cleaning for Your Commercial Business

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Gutter Cleaning for Your Commercial Business When you’re a busy manager or business owner, everyday tasks can take up most of your time. Everything else, such as gutter cleaning and general property maintenance, can fall by the wayside. While these jobs may not seem immediately important, they can be. In fact, it’s only when you […]

Reaching New Heights with Industrial Rope Access

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Reaching New Heights with Industrial Rope Access Relying on a piece of string to prevent you falling to your death while completing a variety of tasks isn’t considered everyone’s cup of tea but, for the Industrial Rope Access qualified team at Adventure Southland, it’s another fun day out hanging in the harness. Our team were […]